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Focus XR5

Dreamscience ST225 Stratagem DUO

Performance tune
Power 248Bhp +/- 385Nm torque +/- (STD car)
This is a good tune for economy and power and safe to use with any modifications.
This hits 0.9 Bar and holds 0.8Bar

Performance+ tune
Power 255bhp +/- 400Nm torque +/- (STD car)
This is a good tune also for any modifications as boost hits 1.0 Bar and holds 0.9Bar.
Info: ± 2L/100km improvement in fuel consumption.

Race tune
Power 261Bhp +/- 420Nm torque +/- (STD car)
This tune is ideal for cars with full exhaust (any size), Intercooler (IC) and Cold Air Induction Kit (CAIS), this
file will deliver maximum power and will hold a fraction under limp mode for the full modified vehicles (Boost
1.1 bar and holds 1.0 bar). This tune is fuelled to suit heavily modified cars.

Race+ tune
Power 268Bhp +/- 447Nm torque +/- (STD car)
This tune is ideal for standard cars who want the maximum power without any modifications.
This tune is also good for CAIS and upgraded IC but not the full exhaust as boost goes above threshold and may hit limp mode. Boost hits 1.2 Bar and holds 1.1 bar, this tune works well with CAIS, IC and 2.5” down pipe or lessonly;anything above that it boosts too high and can saturate the MAF.
As you know the better your intake and outlet the less boost you have to command to get the power.
If a car has CAIS, IC and 2.5” down pipe and full exhaust, they will actually hit 1.2 bar boost with the race+ program
and another car with the 3” down pipe will hit 1.2 Bar with just race, the power result will be the same.

DSci tune
Very similar to Race+ but holds boost at higher rpm and is good for use on dyno days and peak power.

Note: The above figures were tested in the UK using 98RON pump fuel. Use a good quality octane booster
when running on a dyno.