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Bullet Performance Racing - Tuning Product Disclaimer - Disclaimer Policy

By purchasing any product, including software and tuning files from Bullet Performance Racing (BPR), you are automatically agreeing to all sections within this document.  If you have any questions regarding this policy you can call us on 0418102616 or email us at

Privacy Statement:
At BPR we respect the privacy of our customers.   All information will be kept confidential and we will not sell, reuse, rent, loan, or disclose any information provided to us for a transaction.

Product Installation:
The installation of any BPR product may or may not void the car’s factory warranty, and it is the responsibility of customers to check this with their vehicle manufacturer.  However, if a failure is found to be attributed to aftermarket parts installed onto the vehicle, the claim will be denied. This is outlined in the customer warranty/service book included in the owner’s manual.  We cannot be responsible for parts of the car that are damaged due to improper installation, prior to dealing with us.  If in doubt, please have all aftermarket parts fitted by a professional.

Warranty Information:
All products sold come with a manufacturer’s warranty.  BPR will not be held responsible for products which the manufacturer will not repair or replace under warranty.  If you wish, we will help you to attain service under the same service charges that we are charged.  Any warranty offered does NOT include installation/replacement labor, loss of use, or consequential damages.

Return/Refund Policy: Click Here to view AusGov Policy
BPR will not accept any returns, unless they meet the requirements of this policy.  You must contact BPR and obtain a "Return/Refund Agreement Form", before sending anything back to us for any reason.  There is a 45 day return policy on all products. All products must be returned to BPR in the original packaging, in undamaged condition.  All tuning devices must be returned to stock if a program was installed.  If a tuning device is returned to us that has NOT BEEN RETURNED TO STOCK, a refund will not be issued, and your tuner will not be sent back until a shipping and handling fee had been paid, which the customer is responsible for.  A 25% restocking fee will be charged on all refunds and there will be no refunds given for shipping charges.  Custom tuning charges are non-refundable.
Custom & Preloaded Tunes:
Custom and pre-loaded tunes are non-refundable. The tuning process starts when the tuning device or tune file is first sent to the customer.  BPR puts much time and effort into developing each device, and every custom tune.  It is expected that the customer provides BPR with all required vehicle information, including any modifications.  All information is to be provided before BPR starts the tuning process, and the process is usually completed within 14 days.  BPR responds to most all emails on the same day received, or shortly after.

Vehicle Condition:
It is assumed by BPR that all vehicles being programmed are in good working condition, and have been reviewed by the customer to ensure that the car is capable of handling additional power and performance.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure this is true.  Any unforeseen damage that may happen to the vehicle will not be covered or guaranteed by BPR in any way. If anything doesn't feel normal after loading a tune, it is the customer’s responsibility to immediately return the tune to stock, and notify BPR immediately.

Customer Safety:
BPR will not be held responsible for improper, unsafe, reckless, or careless driving of vehicles after installing any of our products.  We do not encourage the breaking of any State or Federal laws.  Custom and pre-loaded tunes are assumed by BPR to be for off-road, non-highway use only.  Once a BPR product has been installed successfully, the customer is fully responsible for the safe function of the car.

Off Road Use:
All tuning products are designed for off-road/race use only, and are not for legal sale for on-road vehicles in states that require pollution controlled vehicles.





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