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Welcome to Bullet Performance Racing - Sniper Delta Force Tuning

Providing the Latest Technology in ECU & PCM Flash Tuning Solutions for your AU, BA, BF and FG Falcon. Enhance your Vehicle's Peak Performance today.

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Sniper Tuning Software and Hardware

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The Sniper™ Multiloader™ software allows you (or your customer) to easily, quickly flash their vehicle's PCM while in the vehicle. This can occur three ways:

1. Customer uses a laptop and our Sniper™ Interface Box (as a pass through). This allows communication with the vehicle's PCM, via the customer's laptop computer. 


2. Customers without a laptop can use our Sniper™ Interface Box as a "stand alone". Simply load the Sniper™ Interface Box with a performance file from a desktop computer and plug the Sniper™ Interface Box into the vehicle OBD-II port. Now, press the button on the box. That's it!

3. Dealers can send the Sniper™ Interface Box (already loaded by you) direct to the customer, using it as a "standalone". The customer merely plugs it in and presses the button for instant performance power tuning!

So, What Does A Sniper "Interface Box" Do?

The Sniper™ Interface Box allows you (or the customer) to easily read and flash the Vehicle's ECU. The Sniper™ Interface Box will hold up to six separate tuning files. The Sniper™ Interface Box is capable of programming up to 4,000 different vehicles simply by using the unique, Internet-available, Sniper™ "Bullet" software.


What Are Sniper "Bullets"? 

Basically, Sniper™ "Bullets" are passwords that can be individually purchased. Each "Bullet" or password allows you to flash a different vehicle using the Sniper™ Interface Box. Sniper™ "Bullets" can be purchased electronically, manually through a phone call, downloaded by the customer, or e-mailed directly to the customer. The advantages to this flexibility are tremendous! For example, an Installer/Tuner shop needs but one Sniper™ Interface Box to sell a performance power tuning "Bullet" for any customer's vehicle! No need to stock hard parts chips, tuners etc. "Inventory" of Sniper™ "Bullets" is available on line, 24/7, just by logging on and downloading. You're never out of stock and inventory investment is "low to none at all"! 

Sniper Delta Forces & Commando Software Power Tuning Products. 

Sniper™ Delta Forces™ software is designed for dyno tuning specialist shop or end-user to easily make custom tuning changes, from stock to heavily modified vehicles. It is based on "user friendly, point and click" software. With this the user can an add basic bolt-on performance modifications all the way up to really serious modifications such as radical aftermarket cams and valve train, bigger injectors and high pressure fuel pumps, headers, cylinder head porting and improvements, superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous-oxide systems, practically any modification you wish to make, all power-tuneable with the Sniper Delta Forces™ software! There is absolutely no faster, easier way to power-tune computer controlled, stock or modified vehicles than with the Sniper Delta Forces™ system! 


Sniper Tuning Overview.

1. Sniper’s Interface box has 1 Bullet & the ability to program over 3000 vehicles with the purchase of Sniper Bullets. A Sniper Bullet can be purchased from the dealer or direct from BPRacing.

2. Both, Sniper’s Interface box and Tuning software can be updated through email or downloaded from the BPRacing website. This prevents the interface from having to be returned.


3. One Sniper part number will cover ALL 1996-current Ford vehicle’s equipped with a Ford PCM. This includes: Ford Falcon, Focus, Mustang and F Truck.


4. The Sniper Delta Forces and Commando software allows the user to adjust for current & future modifications. Prevents sending interface back for performance updates.


5. For laptop owners, the Sniper Interface box can be used as a “pass thru” which allows quick file creation and programming for the vehicle.


6. Sniper Bullets are “passwords”. The purchase of Sniper Bullets will allow you or your customer to program additional vehicles. Bullets can be obtained through email or phone call.


7. Although some other devices have the ability to contain multiple files, only Sniper’s Interface box has the ability to hold up to 6 performance files (at the same time). This may even include files for different vehicles. 

Example: 1 file for Ford Focus, 2 files for Ford F350 Superduty Powerstroke & 3 files for Falcon.



Vehicle Coverage

*AU 5.0 V8 Falcon.
*Ford Territory 6cyl 4 Litre + Turbo, Automatic Transmission 
*BA-BF-FG-AU 6cyl 4 Litre, Automatic Transmission
*BA-BF-FG-AU 6cyl 4 Litre, Manual Transmission
*BA-BF-FG 6cyl Turbo 4 Litre, Automatic Transmission 
*BA-BF-FG 6cyl Turbo 4 Litre, Manual Transmission 
*BA-BF-FG 8cyl 5.4 Litre 3 Valve, Automatic Transmission 
*BA-BF-FG 8cyl 5.4 Litre 3 Valve, Manual Transmission 
*BA-BF-FG 8cyl 5.4 Litre 4 Valve XR8, Automatic Transmission 
*BA-BF-FG 8cyl 5.4 Litre 4 Valve XR8, Manual Transmission 
*BA-BF-FG 8cyl 5.4 Litre 4 Valve GT, Automatic Transmission 
*BA-BF 8cyl 5.4 Litre 4 Valve GT, Manual Transmission 
*7.4L Power stroke Diesel F250 Trucks 

*Complete Mustang line up
*Complete Range of American Vehicles and Motorcycles.

Custom Australian / American tunes such as Supercharged 2 bar programs, Camshaft Upgrade will be available upon demand. Charges for programs apply.  


Key Benefits



Suits BA - BF - FG Falcon
 Focus, F Truck and Mustang N
No Wires. No Cutting of Original Car Wiring Loom. 
Total Flexibility in Loading Different Preset Programs. 
Return Computer Back to Standard at Any Time. 
One Box can store up to 6 tunes for use on multiple vehicles. 
The Ford Sniper Tuner really gives you the best of both worlds.  
A Great tuning product at a great price. 

Join the 
Sniper Tuning and Delta Force Tuning Forums for informative Sniper product information.Note: This Information has been taken from BPT Motorsport Website.