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Phillip Island Auto Racing Club

Would you like to test your Cars Performance on the Circuit? Street Cars, Race Cars, etc

Put your car in the Group 5 Speed Event Series.

The Group 5 consists of many events including:

* SuperSprints at Phillip Island

* SuperSprints at Sandown

* HillClimbs at Morwell

* AutoCross Events at Geelong Motorsports Complex at Avalon

* Future Events at Winton Racetrack

For more information on dates and Supplementry Regulation and Entry Forms for each event please check

Group 5 Clubs:

CRBCC Country Roads Board Car Club
FFCC   Ford Four Car Club
HAC     Huntingdale Auto Club
HSCCV Holden Sporting Car Club Vic
NCCA   Nissan Car Club Aus. (Vic) 
PIARC  Phillip Island Auto Racing Club 
VMCi   Victorian Mini Club Inc 
VWCV Volkswagen Club Vic

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